Conditions Of Use


Issue of the catalog, the products are available ex-stock our supplier.

For products not delivered, damaged or challenged are entitled to reimbursement of the total value of the product within thirty days of the last date for conegna.

Methods of payment: check / bank, paypal, payment in installments by financial solution provided through the intermediary of SCBN Consulting.

SCBN uses and distribution logistics services provided by third-party vendors residing in Europe.

Are possible partial deliveries of 'order and therefore more shipments.

As per the laws in force is expected the return of the products to be authorized by 'in charge of the area; in case of damaged products must report the 'failure to express and request' authorization to the destruction of the product in all destiny 'in charge of the area.

Web sites



Approximate time of 30 working days depending on the delivery by the customer of the documentary material that, on our indication, intends to publish (text pages: who we are, list services, photo descriptions, text and images and logos in general etc ...) .
The company is committed to respecting the delivery and billing.


Cost estimate for the 'use of a professional website with its promotion and graphics customization as per specifications previously described. The costs may be increased in case of increase of the activities to be performed or additional features, following the disclosure of an estimate of the economic cost of the new features to implement.

The staus negative customer product management irregular deadlines will result in the 'breaking of the contract and the suspension of the relationship in the manifest intention of the company: www, training, support, hosting, social networking, e-commerce.