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You can get it with: 52000 loyalty points, or, 26000 loyalty points + € 260.00
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    Website Promotion - Keyword Advertising

    The website has become an indispensable tool for businesses. Without the 'adequate promotional campaign results will never arrive. With this service, the products of your website will be visible in the first pages Google. 97% of purchases are parties to a research done in Google ...



    Start-up 149 + TAX
    • Up to 200 euro advertising in Google search engine
    Optimizing your Google AdWords
    • Verification of your site, your business sector and competition
    • Choice of the best performing keywords for your business.
    • Development of the advertising account structure, depending on the major categories of products / services offered to users and needs.
    Periodic monitoring of the campaign, constant optimization of campaigns with more targeted interventions to achieve the greatest number of clicks with the least investment budget.
    • Optimization of the ads;
    • Management of advertising keywords depending on the criteria of relevance and performance.